About Aqsis

Aqsis is a cross-platform photorealistic 3D rendering solution, adhering to the RenderMan interface standard defined by Pixar Animation Studios.

The Aqsis project itself consists of a number of components, each useful in their own right, but contributing to the larger aims of the project as a whole. At this time, there are two such components: the aqsis rendering tools and the RIBMosaic exporter for Blender. Each component has its own area detailed below.

This Wiki is the central location for all documentation and reference material related to all Aqsis components. For further information about the product itself, see the main web site http://www.aqsis.org.

About this Wiki

Aqsis Wiki is a project by the Aqsis Team to help better maintain information relating to the Aqsis 3D rendering solution, by allowing people to not only view but login (using their Aqsis user account) and edit/submit content in a similar vein to community projects like Wikipedia.

Before editing/submitting any content, be sure to…

  • Read the documentation guidelines.
  • Take a closer look at the current pages within this wiki to get a better understanding of our use of language and layout/style.
  • Read-up on DokuWiki's syntax.
  • Test your skills in the playground first.
  • Treat this wiki with the respect it deserves and help make it the definitive Aqsis resource.


The aqsis rendering tools

User Documentation

  • Aqsis 1.x Manual - Home of the latest documentation for the development version of Aqsis. (ToDo)
  • Tips & Tricks - Useful information when using Aqsis.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
  • Contributing - How to contribute to the Aqsis documentation.
  • Tutorials - Aqsis tutorials and related documentation.
  • Recipes - Mini-howtos.

Developer Documentation

The RIBMosaic Blender Exporter

User Documentation

  • RIBMosaic Manual - Home of the latest documentation for the experimental version of RIBMosaic.
  • Tutorials - Tutorials on how to use RIBMosaic with Aqsis

Developer Documentation

Google Summer of Code


Release History

  • Releases - Previous and current release information.


There are two ways to get help from Aqsis users and developers:

Reporting Bugs

Please see the bug reporting guidelines before reporting bugs. All bugs should ultimately be reported via SourceForge's Bug Tracking System.

About Us

Developer and user biographies.


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